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 A disease?

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A disease? Empty
PostSubject: A disease?   A disease? I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 11:10 am

A threatening disease of Tatooinian origin is spreading through the glaaxy because of the destruction of the vaccines by the sith attack. The disease is known to spread through rodents, other animals, and water, and although not deadly to those who are strong willed, it will make them ill and inable to fight or think properly. Starting in the legs, the body gradually turns a greyish shade, with numbness appearing in those grey areas. It normally takes a week to take effect, yet for some reason does not affect the user's inner organs, only the muscles. The mind becoms cloudy, and the victim begans to hallucinate. IT is found in the blood, there is only a small storehouse of vaccines in a storehouse on Coruscant. So far the disease only exists in the outer rim. Because of the symptoms, it is called the Grey Plauge.
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A disease?
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