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 Rick's Reskin

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Rick's Reskin Empty
PostSubject: Rick's Reskin   Rick's Reskin I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 2:47 pm

Only a minor one, to improve the aesthetics as well as add some IC things to the model.

http://jediknight3.filefront.com/screenshots/File/86312/1 <- Original Skin

Based on this...i'd like the boots to appear more like the Gauntlets. Metal instead of leather, with the same metallic texture. Same goes with the leather knee-pads just above the boots, although no higher than the knees.
On his right-hand gauntlet, i'd like the metal to go completely black, with gold trim. On the underside of the Gauntlet as well, since it occupies his whole wrist. The leather part of the Gauntlet i'd like darker as well, but not as dark as the Metal; for that, i'd also like gold as trim.
Also, for his shoulders; from his shoulders half-way down to his elbow, could you add the metal there as well? They're his pauldrons, designed to protect the head region.
Last but not least, the scarring from the previous unfinished reskin still needs adding. On the left side of his face, there's some slight scarring from his battle on Korriban. It covers part of his cheek, following up towards his ear; by now it'll of healed some, but it'll remain in this state for the rest of his life.

Thanks in advance.

Also, remember that glow effect we talked about, Avenger. It's red by standard, glowing at the center of the metal section of Ragnos's Gauntlet. The glow takes place all over the Gauntlet, but it is most powerful at the centre, pulsing outward.
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Rick's Reskin
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