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Captain Leeroy

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PostSubject: Important Message   Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:11 am

All members of the Republic Elite Guard enter the briefing room, they wernt expecting it to be much.

Cpt.Sekel: What is it this time boss, another search and destroy mission?

Commander: Negative, our intel has picked up a Rodian Terrorist organisation which has infiltrated a republic base on the outer rim...

Cpt.Sekel: So let me guess, you want us to go in and take these terrorists down?

Commander: Yes, but thats not it...

The commander the steps to the side and a screen comes on, revealing these pictures:

Commander: They have nuclear planetary weapons, which they could use on the coreworlds, this is the location of the base, its in the middle of nowhere.

Commander: It shouldnt be too hard for you i hope, because they're only militia, but we've also picked up who is leading them, he goes by the name of 'Al-Cajamma-Bad'.

Commander: This is what we have gathered from survivors of the attack, you should be going in soon... this is the landing site.

Cpt.Sekel: Finally... i real chance to see some action... piece of cake, ill get the men ready for deployment.
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