Will Darkness Prevail...?
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PostSubject: The Timeline   The Timeline I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 10:13 am

It is the year 1000 ATW (After Trinity war). The galaxy is in ruins. The Republic and it's Jedi have fallen. Shattered and broken, the Sith Empire collapsing in itself. For over hundreds of years, the galaxy has been in a state of anarchy. Gangs, Crime Lords, the works. But now, a new group rises. They call themselves the Reavers. They have the galaxy around their fingers...they are the force of corrupution...of power. The time of their ascension 900 ATW. They have destroyed planets, enslaved populations, decimated species. They will stop at nothing to meet their goals. They promised peace, reconstruction, stability. They lied....and now we must pay the price for our lack of foresight. It is the end of times. We must choose now: Let them complete their goals...or fight back.

-Vick Forge, Captain of the Tarisian Rebel cell 2-3143x.
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The Timeline
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