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 Tyor Dir(Approved - Awec)

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PostSubject: Tyor Dir(Approved - Awec)   Tyor Dir(Approved - Awec) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 12:54 pm

Name: Tyor Dir
Age: 53
Homeplanet: Mon Calamari
Race: Human

Appearance(Description): Brown Hair, eyes and beard, tall. Wears traditional Jedi robes - Except when he is forced to leave his temple.

Force Alignment: Gray Jedi Master (Jedi Master who has left the order/uses the dark side/is tainted by the dark side but not fully a dark Jedi)

History: Tyor was born shortly after the Reavers invaded the section of the galaxy that contained Mon Calamari. His force sensitivity was detected quickly and caused the Reavers to speed up their attack on Mon Calamari. Despite the quick defeat his parents managed to escape with him but, due to his force sensitivity the Reavers were able to find him. Continuously pursued, he became the target of numerous assassination attempts throughout his life; he survived thanks due to the skills his mother had as she had once been the wife of a Mandalorian and thus had been trained in their ways. It was in one such attack that his father died and caused him to hate the Reavers, pushing him towards the dark side.
When Tyor was 11 the last Jedi Master left found him and offered to train him as a Jedi, fearing he would be found by the Sith. Unfortunately, believing it to be a trap, Tyor's mother quickly attempted to dispatch the Jedi and they fought viciously. Tyor, wanting to find out more, tried to stop her but she fell, splitting her head open. Tyor has thus been filled with guilt for most of his life.
He was slowly taught the ways of the Jedi and became powerful through the old Master's teachings. He was still tainted by the dark side and, after being taught about some of the powers that the Sith used and were fuelled by the dark side, wished to learn more about them. When the old Jedi Master was on his deathbed, he asked Tyor to think about his choices and to stay with the light side. Feeling pity and guilt the old Master, Tyor took over as Jedi Master. He was still pursued and hunted for many years by the Reavers and their assassins but eventually constructed a hidden temple on his homeworld. There he was shielded from the Reavers and he set about finding a new apprentice to be trained, to keep the ways of the Jedi alive.
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Tyor Dir(Approved - Awec)
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