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 Khuul (Approved - Khuul)

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PostSubject: Khuul (Approved - Khuul)   Khuul (Approved - Khuul) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2009 2:21 pm

Name: Khuul
Age: Mid twenties
Homeworld: Uba IV
Race: Ubese
Rank: Mercenary (Reaver)

Initially born on the heavily radiated world of Uba IV, Khuul was raised only by her mother, knowing little of her father. At a young age, she was taken with her mother away from their homeplanet and started adventuring into the galaxy, using a principle of teaching by example and learning by doing, in order to pass on the teaching of life to the young Khuul. Despite being xenophobic by nature, it was a lifestyle that suited them both, living as gypsyies drifting from one place to the other. Eventually, the time came where Khuul was expected to go out and make her own living.

She spent the first few years by herself, hunting people for the right price and sometimes, simply the thrill and experience of it. Ocassionally she would drift into other work such as mercenary tasks and escorting people from one place to another -- sometimes against their will. Eventually, she was persuaded to join the Reavers by one of the few friends she made in her line of work. Atleast it paid well enough, it'll have to do. For now
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Khuul (Approved - Khuul)
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