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 The Trimences (Approved - Avenger)

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PostSubject: The Trimences (Approved - Avenger)   The Trimences (Approved - Avenger) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2009 7:58 pm

Name:Velan Trimence
Homeplanet: Corellia
Race: Human

Appearance: Long light brown hair, large burn mark across his face, scar on his eye. Brown eyes.

Force Alignment and rank: Force sensitive, unaware.

Name: Cadus Trimence
Homeplanet: Corellia
Race: Human

Appearance: Long blonde hair, two scars on his face, tan, brown eyes.

Alignment and rank: Void in the force

Name: Jalrik Trimence
Age: 19
Homeplanet: Corellia
Race: Human

Appearance: Long blonde hair, often pulled up in a tail, with a gold band worn across his head. Brown eyes.

Force Alignment and rank: Void in the force


Jalrin Trimence took one last look at his sleeping family, placing the note on the table. He was being hunted. Now 30, only 12 years since the grey plague struck, and the Trinity War ended. He threw his Lightsaber, his Sword, and everything except the clothes on his back into the closet, and, kissing his sleeping wife and child on the cheeks, solemnly walked off out into the cold Corellian air. With one last glance at his apartments, he slid into his starfighter and took off into the atmosphere. He entered into hyperspace, headed towards the unknown regions of space…


Trimence, now an old man and a master of the force, returned to the Galaxy, heading straight to a Mustafarian Cloning facility. Paying them all the credits he had, he gave them his DNA to create a clone, and had them put him down to remove his brain to insert into the clone. The DNA and the brain were frozen and locked inside a high security area, behind blast doors. His force spirit left as he died, waiting inside the cloning facility as a tomb would hold a Sith Lord. He remains there, waiting for the Galaxy to be free again……


Lucas and Ali Trimence looked down at the crying child in the crib, smiling warmly. “What are we going to call it?” Ali said, smiling at the small boy. “We should name it after your father, Velan,” Lucas returned. Ali nodded, and they both smiled at the child, gently rocking it in their arms.

Velan grew quickly, walking in the first three months. The parents began to worry that their child was a force sensitive as well, and went to their close family friend, Gabriel. Gabriel, an apothecarian, tried to strip the child of the force, however the child resisted and bit his nose. Gabriel stumbled backward into the furnace, instantly being incinerated. Velan began to cry, yelling “mama.”

Velan now could speak with ease, but the parents continued to worry about his strong force sensitivity. Looking in the old closet, they looked daily upon the inheritance of Jalrin Trimence and his descendants, the sword, the saber, the bag, his clothes and a locked case. They had been worn throughout history, by every male Trimence. They had, of course, been refurbished and redone, but maintained the same style, as it was traditional Trimence clothing by now.

Halfway through the next year, two more children were birthed. Cadus arrived first, with Jalrik coming out 7 minutes later. The parent’s worry grew, with the mother dying from the stress.

The three children easily grew to each other, with Cadus and Velan playing with toy guns and swords, Jalrik watching them in awe. They often talked, and were homeschooled so their force sensitivity would not be detected by the Reavers in public schools. Cadus and Velan began to separate from Jalrik, as Jalrik didn’t want to fight with the wooden swords as they did. Cadus and Velan often played rough, while Jalrik stayed indoors to study.
Jalrik quickly learned, his father helping him to read and write as a young boy. He was often teased by the older two, who preferred to go out to the field and fire projectile toy blasters at each other. While Cadus and Velan returned laughing and joking with eachother, Jalrik lied low and learned the practical side of things.
Cadus always looked up to his older brother, wanting to be exactly like him. When he was seven their father bought them each training staves, and they went to the field every day to play with them. He and Velan laughed as they swung the staves around, whacking each other on various parts of their bodies.
By the time Velan was thirteen, he had enrolled in a private hand to hand combat class, and quickly advanced, soon moving on to melee weapons. He graduated in a year, enrolling himself in personal blaster training. Cadus followed suit at twelve, graduating when he was fourteen, finishing combat classes at fifteen, just like his brother.
Unlike his brothers, Jalrik enrolled himself in advanced studies. He didn’t learn combat training like his brothers, but learned all about diplomacy and other skills important in the Galaxy. Jalrik learned about regular ships and luxury yachts, including how to fly, repair, and modify them, while the other two learned about and flew freighter ships and personal starfighters.

Velan became cocky and superior feeling, and began to get cocky while fighting with Cadus. This just made Cadus train harder, and on wookie life day, he snuck up behind his brother Velan and hit him on the back, causing Velan to stumble into the open fireplace. Cadus just stood there looking on in horror as his brother’s skin seared and burned. Jalrik, knowing what to do, ran to the nearest medical station and got the needed supplies, rushing back home. He called his father and they helped Velan, but he was scarred forever..
Lucas finally thought it was time to show his children, now ages 18 and 16, the closet full of the Trimence inheritance items. He divided it among them, and Jalrik ran off with the locked box. The lightsaber went to Velan, the eldest, and the sword to Cadus. The rest stayed there. Later that night, Cadus snuck in and took the sash and gauntlet, hiding them in his own room.
The next day, the Reavers arrived, spraying the room with Toxic darts and taking their father away. They found out about the death of Gabriel and how it happened, the Reavers took Lucas prisoner. They force stripping toxic darts had lasting impacts on the twins, severing their force bond and cutting them off from the force.
Velan never forget about being shoved into the fire, and after a year in the hospital, he came home and asked Cadus if he wanted to go fight in the field. He of course succeeded, and they went out a week later..
They fought with staves at first, before Velan drew the lightsaber and took a wild swing at Cadus, taking revenge with a sweep under his left eye. Reacting, Cadus drew his sword and swung at Velan’s right eye. Both keeled to the ground, wounded.
Meanwhile Jalrik kept trying to crack open the box, before the local police arrived with the other two brothers. Jalrik took them in and payed the fine, scolding them. The two both went to their separate rooms, where they both worked on separate projects. Cadus modified the gauntlet to contain a arc caster and hold more stun darts, as well as being concealable and maintaining personal shield, stealth field, and thermal cloak generators. Jalrik worked on the box, and Velan built a suit of armor.
For the next few years they all worked separately, until Velan moved out at 21, as well as Cadus, leaving the house to Jalrik… This is where our story begins…


Velan: (Acrobats, combat)
Jump: 3
Saber attack:2
Saber defense:0
Lightsaber (Inheritance, untrained)
Blaster Rifle
Blaster Pistol

Cadus: (Acrobats, combat)
Jump: 3
Saber attack: 2
Saber defense: 1
Lightning: 3 (Arc Caster Gauntlet)
Blaster Rifle
Blaster Pistol

Jalrik: (basic self-defense)
Jump: 1
Saber attack: 1
Blaster Pistol

The Reavers ship landed on Mustufar, the hot char flying through the air. The leading Reaver in the assault looked at the Mustafarian cloning facility. His men charged the helpless medical droids, planting bombs inside the facility. Blasting all the clones, they activated the bombs in the crevices near the lava. It had to look like an accident. With a wave of his hand, the squad packed up into the transports, going back into orbit. The bombs exploded, causing the lava to surface, destroying the cloning facility. No more force sensitives would be cloned.
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The Trimences (Approved - Avenger)
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