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 Tylian Karn (Approved - Jacen)

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PostSubject: Tylian Karn (Approved - Jacen)   Tylian Karn (Approved - Jacen) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 2:28 pm

Name: Tylian Karn
Faction: Reavers (Perhaps a bit like Galak Fyarr)
Species: Arkanian
Homeplanet: Arkania
Age: 35
Height: 2.4 Meters
Weaponry: Duel DL-44 Pistols, E-11 Blaster Rifle, Heavy Repeater, and Disruptor Rifle, grappling hook, concealed pistol. (Not all at the same time)
Bio: Tylian Karn was born on the planet Arkania. As a child, a deep love of science was instilled in him. He was soon a proficient scientist. When the Reavers came to Arkania, he saw the benefits of joining them, and did so. As a soldier, he worked his way through the ranks. Since he still was a scientist, he experimented constantly. Many of these experiments were used on his fellow soldiers, usually enhancing them in some way. He also proceeded to implant himself with many of the products of his experimentation. These included: a better constitution (protect 1), more strength (Jump 2) and a higher amount of dexterity. (Att 2 Def 2) As he worked his way up the ranks, he was able to access even better materials. This allowed him better implants for his fellow soldiers. When the Reavers turned there attention to his part of the Reaver Navy, they noticed that the soldiers there had 5% better aim and 6% better completion time of courses. They tracked this to the source, and they immediately promoted Tylian to admiral for the service he had done
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Tylian Karn (Approved - Jacen)
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