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 Marcus Feley (Approved - Joker)

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PostSubject: Marcus Feley (Approved - Joker)   Marcus Feley (Approved - Joker) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 1:30 pm

Name: Marcus Feley

Age: 23

Homeplanet: Was born on a ship

Race: Human

Appearence: Has dirty brown hair, brown eyes, broad shouldered, about 6 Ft.

Force Alignment: N/A

History: Was born and raised on a smuggler ship and he never left it being brought up by his mother. His father ran the smuggeling operation which delt with weapons and ammo. His father taught himt he ways of smuggeling and how to survive alone when needed for his father knew that he must be taught these things before his time was up. His father always reminded his son "Never look back".

When Marcus was about 15 years old when the ship was attacked by some space pirates. He did what his parents told him and was able to escape in an escape pod, which took him to the nearest planet (it doesn't matter which) and he crashed landed on the side of a moutain. He was able to get out of the burning pod and found a nearby cave and took shelter in it. He also found a stream nearby and it had many fish in it. He made himself a knife made of rock and was able to survive off the fresh water of the stream and the fish in it. He did this for a few weeks, he then deicided to explore the area.

He went a couple of miles out and he heard some sounds off in the distance. He went toward the sound and found that it was a small trading port for farmers and travelers alike. He went intot he port and found many stands selling a variety of things. He found one that was selling some things he had never seen on the ship he had been on a couple of months back and was interested in them. The man working at the stand saw the boy and gave a signal to some men behind them and they jumped Marcus. they took him away and into a dark alley. Marcus tried to fight but it was useless for the men were too strong for him.

Marcus woke up finding himself in a dark roomw iht a small light int he ceiling and found himself in a jail like room. Allt he walls were straight up and there seemed only one way in/out, this was a platform coming out of the walls about 15 feet up and there was somebody standing on it sipping from a dirnk he had. The man threw the drink downt o the boy and told him that this was his new home for a while. The man left and the boy sat there. He eventually got up and tried to reach the platform but it was too high. About a hour later some meat and a sealed cup of water, that could be opened with hands, came out of the platform and down to Marcus below. The food was ok to Marcus. The nect day the food and water came again and again. This is what he lived like for 7 years..

After that time Marcus had grown a lot and gotten much stronger and the ship he was on (he figured out it was a ship from when it stopped and moved) was attacked and somehow the men threw him out a vent (they were docked on land0 to have no proof that they had captured somebody. Marcus found himself on Tatooine and he explored the city he was in. He discovered that he was on Mos Eisley and he used the skills he was taught to find jobs that he found out quickly that were easy for a natural born smuggeler like him to do. He lived on this planet for a year and he was now 23.
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Marcus Feley (Approved - Joker)
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