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 Naega Meechasuh (Approved - Keenac)

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Naega Meechasuh (Approved - Keenac) Empty
PostSubject: Naega Meechasuh (Approved - Keenac)   Naega Meechasuh (Approved - Keenac) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 1:32 pm

Name: Naega Meechasuh
Nickname: Neech
Age: 23
Homeplanet: Coruscant
Race: Human

Appearance(Description): Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Twitchy eyebrow

Rank: Mercanry - Reavers


He was a crazy child when he was born, he was quick thinking in the most strangest of ways. He comes up with strange ideas when needed. He was put in prison for jumping on someones back for a 'piggy ride', the person thought he was being harrassed. He was later released and joined the ranks of the Reavers.
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Naega Meechasuh (Approved - Keenac)
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