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 Audaen Perimus (Approved - Wilson)

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PostSubject: Audaen Perimus (Approved - Wilson)   Audaen Perimus (Approved - Wilson) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 1:32 pm

Name: Audaen Perimus
Military Name: 1692 of Shadow Squad (Shadow '92)
Age: 37
Homeplanet: Korriban II
Race: Rodian

Appearance: Average height with dark green skin and black, shadowy eyes. He rarely smiles and has a cold stare. However, he is usually armored.

Equipment: Silver durasteel weave armor, modeled after the Republic Commandos, with a dull black paint.

Palm Pistol (In-Built to suit, DL-44)
Energy-Knife (In-Built to suit, Melee)
E11 (E-11)
Cloak (In-built to suit)
Scanners (Thermal, Helmet)
Grapple Hook
Dartshooter, 4 darts. Unreloadable.

3 Det Packs
Computer Spikes

6 Det Packs
Computer Spikes
Halfed Ammunition

Flamethrower (Replaces Darts, Half Ammo)
3 Thermal Detonators (Quarter Ammo)

Force Alignment and rank: None

History: Born to poor parents in a salvager camp on Korriban, Audaen was taken as a child of nine by the Reavers as a debt slave. However, the Executrix showed an interest in him, and had him trained in an elite squad to serve directly under him, independant of the Reavers. The mission: Infiltration, espionage, sabotage.
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Audaen Perimus (Approved - Wilson)
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