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 A scrambled message: OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY

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A scrambled message: OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY Empty
PostSubject: A scrambled message: OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY   A scrambled message: OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2010 8:02 pm

Deciphering scrambled message...
Decipher complete.

A shadowy figure begins to speak

Holorecord 0001

The shadowy figure disappears, and is replaced by a security recording

The recording shows two figures talking, as one walks away to an armory. The lights flicker off, and an intruder with glowing red eyes walks in. The figure already inside pulls out a light stick, revealing the room again. The figure who went to the armory sneaks inside with a handgun drawn, and as the light flickers on, points the gun at the back of the intruders head. They talk for a while, and he lowers the gun.. Time passes.

SUMMARY: Okay so the Resistance moved their base, and several people where recruited, who will remain anonymous for now. They each created a special forces squadron, and the resistance continued training. Xav and Jacen can add on to this, since me and them where the 3 online doing this.
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A scrambled message: OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY
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