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 Caldo Sythor (Approved- Keenac)

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Caldo Sythor (Approved- Keenac) Empty
PostSubject: Caldo Sythor (Approved- Keenac)   Caldo Sythor (Approved- Keenac) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 11:47 am

Name: Caldo Sythor
Age: 62
Homeplanet: Tatooine
Race: Human

Appearance: Aged face. Few scars.

Force Alignment and rank: Neutral - Smuggler


Born on Tatooine, raised as a smuggler. He was an expert marksman, taught by his father, he knew the smuggling business very well when he was at his prime. He has settled down on tatooine, looking after his grandson Cydon, making sure he doesnt get himself into trouble. He currently repairs vehicles in his own little shop. His wife went missing when she was going off world for business, he hasnt seen her since.
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Caldo Sythor (Approved- Keenac)
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