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 Axilion 'Axel' Trance the II (Approved - Sithis)

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Axilion 'Axel' Trance the II (Approved - Sithis) Empty
PostSubject: Axilion 'Axel' Trance the II (Approved - Sithis)   Axilion 'Axel' Trance the II (Approved - Sithis) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2009 9:04 am


Name: Axilion 'Axel' Trance the II
Age: 24
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Home planet: Bespin
Force aligment: Dark/neutral

Axel grew up with his mother and his teacher, who taught him, in the years they spent together the war strategies, multiple languages, the laws, and how to survive. Axel grew without his father, who was dead, burried in the familly mausoleum. His uncle was leading the gas distributing company, with several facilities over bespin, Taspir and (somewhere arround pragus). His uncle was a greedy man, but had a weakness for Axel. Axel, missing his father, went to the mausoleum often, and just sat at the stone sarcophaus which was in the middle of the room. In the later years, when he was 20, he found a strange object, a double bladed lightsaber, and finally, the name of his father, 'Saddler Trance'. He though it was some ancient holocron or something like that, and put it into the familly museum. He then started having halucinations, screaming from sleep often, they kept telling him of his uncle's betrayal. Axel did not believe, but also wanted to check, so he started spying on the uncle. He soon enough found out that the uncle was stashing a large amount of the income to his own acount. Axel was raged, and when he sp[oke to the uncle, he was told: 'You do not understand this, boy, now go back to your mother.' Axel was raged, and he could hear the voices again, but this time, he even saw a man in dark robes, with tatoos over his face. The man told him to 'act' now. Axel took out an assasin's pistol, aimed, and shot the uncle in the back. As the uncle fell, he started beging for his life, and tried to move away. Axel ignored, and simply shot him several times after that. He took over the buisniess, and now rules the 'Trance ore barony'. He is known arround the galaxy, as the company grew, and now awaits his fate.
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Axilion 'Axel' Trance the II (Approved - Sithis)
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