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 Feomethar (Approved - Sithis)

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PostSubject: Feomethar (Approved - Sithis)   Feomethar (Approved - Sithis) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2009 2:41 pm

Name: Feomethar
Species: Cyborg
Age: -
Gender: Male
Faction: Reaver
Rank: Grand Arbiter
When the reavers started appraeing, they were small groups, led by a single skilled officer. There was this officer, called Victor. Victor had won many battles for them, and was promoted quickly, as a Major, he led a gorup of the Reavers to chase off the last remaining sith they knew of. The sith was a master, so it was a rough battle. He managed to defeat the sith, shooting a greanade from his greanade launcher attachement, hitting the man, and throwing him back. He then, walked to the sith, and aimed his pistol at the man's head. When he did that, the sith, out of last strenght, raised out hand, levitated him into the air, and used force crush on him. Victor kept a cool head, and shot the man several times. He fell down to the ground, to heel oue of his broken ribs sticking out of the chest. He tried to stand up, but his legs were broken on several places, he felt the pain of the bones ripping his flesh, so he proned to the sith, and took the saber. He was quickly taken to a medical ship, after his men found him, and was given medical attention. The doctors finally spoke, he had 17 hours of life left. He wanted to live, and the Reavers needed skileld men, so they decided to try something, it was milenia ago, and it would happen again, they created a cyborg from the body, taking the organs, and moving them into the robotic body. It was a sucess. Major continued to serve after that for several years, and in the later years, finally, he got promoted to Grand Arbiter.

Saber attack: 3
Saber defense: 1
Alt repeater
3 rockets
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Feomethar (Approved - Sithis)
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