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 Kaden Hilidian (Approved - Jacen)

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PostSubject: Kaden Hilidian (Approved - Jacen)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:29 pm

Name: Kaden Hilidian
Appearance: Bearded, blue clothes, long gauntlet up his right arm.
Skin: http://www.filefront.com/15195667/jsolo.pk3
Homeplanet: Tatooine
Affiliation: Resistence
Age: 25
Bio: Jacen Hilidian's older brother, Kaden was always the steadfast rock in his family. He was solid, loyal, and strong of heart. He was born on Tatooine to wealthy merchants, who left him with his grandfather when they moved to Coruscant. There, Jacen was born, but that's another story. Kaden was constantly visiting his parents, but they couldn't keep him there in their small apartment. (Coruscant is expensive to live in) After Kaden's parents were pressed into service, Jacen went to live with his grandparents and Kaden. Kaden helped Jacen get through their parent's deaths. When his grandparents died when he was 18, he helped Jacen get a job as a pilot, and started working at an office building in Kreetle. After saving up, he purchased a beaten up freighter and prepared to fly into orbit. A member of the Resistence, Kaden finds discreet ways to hamper the Reavers. Let the story begin...
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Kaden Hilidian (Approved - Jacen)
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